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Onshore Expertise

“In GeoMar we have found a partner in the energy sector with whom we achieved common goals through dedication, close collaboration and strong  team bonding, often overcoming similar challenges together. We have established trust which further strengthened our motivation to collaborate further in future and maintain a status of excellent service delivery.“


GeoMar has been making waves by providing an umbrella of operations for onshore frontier exploration and production projects. We have earned the ISO 9001:2015 Excellence in Supporting Services to the Energy Industry thanks to our industry-renowned management system.

Hiring and management of survey and drilling workforce

GeoMar offers strategic HR sourcing to suit each project’s specifications and job requirements. Our HR capacity enables us to source and manage hundreds of employees at a time, to meet the requirements of the client. We build and follow a hiring plan based on a social and geographical balanced matrix, in strict line with labor laws and compliance practices.

Field emergency response cover

We provide company-owned, national and IOGP compliant ambulances (mobile medical units) and supporting medical teams for field crews, ensuring your employees’ safety and minimal operational disturbances.

Payroll, Occupational Health & Safety and more

Our project-based solutions extend to employee payroll, in addition to implementing and maintaining occupational safety and health policies in line with national and IOGP guidelines, workforce training and PPE provision.

Employee transportation

We offer daily transportation for employees to work locations via our company-owned mini-buses, and field-use vehicles to cover your remote area accessing needs.


Quality projects require quality gear. We provide quality protective gear to meet the specifications & requirements of every job position.


Just like the industry needs fuel to grow, so does a healthy crew. We provide quality food, sourced from local, selected ISO quality certified suppliers.

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