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About Us

Who we are

GeoMar is an energy service provider with a long history of enabling geophysical, and oil & gas companies to survey offshore and onshore blocks all over the world. We support seismic companies in their journey to meet environmental targets.

We provide the renewable industry with offshore expertise, acquired from our extensive experience in international waters, and sustainable solutions.

Environment & Client Together

GeoMar is committed to marrying environmental conservation with exploration. We are protectors and ambassadors of our client and the environment, employing great due diligence, expert marine scientists and local consultants to empower our clients from beginning to end.

We stay with our clients from the first seismic vessel to the last drop of oil, safeguarding their operations and ensuring environmental excellence through tailor-made services.

What we do

We enable major oil and gas companies, seismic companies, and joint ventures to conduct exploration operations at full capacity by providing world-renowned environmental assessments & consultation. Our clients can operate in full compliance with national and international legislation, with minimal noise impact on the environment.

Why choose us

  • We safeguard  your operations whilst maximizing efficiency by minimising downtime, through project-specific mitigations.

  • We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees or deliverable charges for the best experts for the job, with local knowledge and connections.

  • You will showcase your environmental commitment to governmental and local stakeholders.

  • To gain access to a pool of trained local champions, ensuring minimal outside disruptions.

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Trusted by

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What Clients Say About Us

“GeoMar delivered project–specific services of the highest standards, showing professionalism, dedication and expertise. They brought  innovative ideas to the table and consolidated with job requests quite often by adjusting the course of action to immediate effect. Working with GeoMar across several regions we felt confident with the close collaboration and the beneficial outcome.“


“Geo-Marine Consultants are considered PGS’ preferred provider of environmental services in the Eastern Mediterranean due to their local knowledge and contacts. [..] They provided pragmatic advice when required and were able to balance fulfilling local requirements and meeting our survey objectives.”


“In GeoMar we have found a partner in the energy sector with whom we achieved common goals through dedication, close collaboration and strong  team bonding, often overcoming similar challenges together. We have established trust which further strengthened our motivation to collaborate further in future and maintain a status of excellent service delivery.“


Countries of operations

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